Sunday, 8 February 2015

Glorious Sunday

A drive across the Fens and into Norfolk under clear blue skies and bright sunshine to lead worship.

Lunch outside under the verandah, followed by a short nap with the cat on my lap!

YFG was taken swimming with family friends who live nearby.

Call the Midwife on the tv tonight - 10 babies born!  

Hot bath.....

Night, all xxx


Gill - That British Woman said...

wish we could sit outside.....too bloody cold here!!

Morgan said...

@Gill - it was in the warmest part of the day in the full sun! The temperature soon dropped afterwards and I had to come inside and light the fire. Looking forward to the warmer weather for sure x

SusanM said...

We had a walk in deep snow yesterday and the wind was absolutely biting. But the sun was shining and everything looked beautiful. I will watch Call the Midwife (Call the Placenta as my naughty boys call it and won't watch it) on iplayer. I love it!! Unfortunately, I have to endure that programme about cars on a Sunday at 8pm.