Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Pause in Lent in the Fens

A Pause in Lent Floss
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Joining in today with Ang over at Tracing Rainbows with the "A Pause in Lent" series.

The Gospel passage that I am preaching on today is Mark 1 where the Holy Spirit drives Jesus out into the wilderness: a time of trial and temptation.  It seems that God has sent plenty of people out into the wilderness throughout the Bible - Abraham, Moses, Elijah, the Israelites. They all go out not quite sure about something, and they come back as grounded people of God. God never sent them out there to laugh at them, to abandon them and to leave them there - they always come back, and He always cares for them whilst they are there.

And so I think we have to go into the wilderness at times too, but with the reassurance that God is looking out for us, caring for us, and that whilst we are in the "wilderness" [whatever constitutes our own wildernesses], our faith will be deepened and strengthened.  Perhaps we'll go more than once, too.  I don't think we should be afraid of these times, for God never leaves us, and after all, Jesus went through it, to lead the way for us.

Time to go and get "dressed" for church now - thinking of Ang's post this morning!


Angela said...

thanks for joining the PinL - I will put you on the list!

Pom Pom said...

Very true words, Morgan. It's interesting to question what our "wilderness" looks like, be it material or metaphorical. Thank you for a thoughtful pause.

Fiona Kennedy said...

A good reminder that wilderness times can in the end be fruiful