Saturday, 14 February 2015

Bagging a bargain

I've had a bargain or two out of Mr Tesco today, and it doesn't half feel good to work the system and get what you can out of the big corporations.  I know my little saving is a drop in the ocean as far as they are concerned but it is all grist to the mill here.

I had two more of those "get £3/£6 off when you spend £30" vouchers, so I combined them to get £9 off a total spend of just over the £30.  But I bought three ink cartridges on a 3-for-2 deal which also saved me £11.odd, and to cap it all off, the Price Promise malarkey gave me a till spit for £2.59.....All in all, I reckon that I've paid only about half of what that basket "should" have cost me today. Result!

This morning was the easy part of the day - coaching at gym. Since then, I hit the shops, came home and put the little haul away, hosted a meeting at the house here for gymnastics folks, did some tutoring in maths for a Y8 family friend who is struggling a wee bit with his confidence, and now I have just put the service for the morning together.

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The YFG is still snuffling around, but she is better at this end of the day than she was this morning. It took me an age to get her all set up in my bed with all her requirements around her before I could leave.  It was one, "Could you just...?" after another!  Bless her, I am glad that she isn't as poorly tonight as she was last night.  The paracetamol, orange juice, Olbas Oil, Vicks Rub, honey'n'hot lemon and cuddles must be doing some good!

Hope you are having a peaceful weekend, wherever you are xxx


Gill - That British Woman said...

always good to get a bargain.......enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sue said...

Brilliant coupon combining and deal hunting.