Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Chasing my tail

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This week is getting a bit stupidly mad!  Days are being crowded with places we need to go, like the dentist yesterday and a Governors' meeting that went on and on, and meetings like today - Church Council at 10.30 and then the Women's World Day of Prayer preparation meeting at 2pm [yes, Ang - but better late than never, hey!] so I feel like I am chasing my tail like this gorgeous dog!  The chapel service I am taking on Sunday is going to be assessed [again!] and so there is that little extra bit of pressure on me in the preparation for that.

The house goes undusted and unvacuumed, and I am longing for Friday when it will be half term and all outside activities will stop - apart from work - yay!  The YFG is off to Aberdeen on Monday and I am looking forward to some "me" time to stop and think a little.

When I sigh on Friday, I think you will all hear me!

But, thinking positively, I have only one more unit of Faith and Worship to finish before the submission date in March, and the weather is beginning to look more hopeful - the nights are drawing out now, and the hens are spending a little more time foraging for bugs before they turn in each evening.  Eggs will soon be plentiful again.

And Sainsbury's gave me ANOTHER £10 off a £50 shop voucher with the delivery tonight.  That's going to do nicely for a stock up shop when the YFG gets back from Aberdeen - I'm going to try to eat from the stores whilst she is away.


Angela said...

Oh well done you for fitting in the WWDP meeting along with everything else- thank you!! We don't have one here [...yet...]
Make sure you enjoy a good rest during half term xx

Bridget said...

I love the school holidays, although mine are home taught it means Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Karate don't take place so we can have some relaxing evenings and we're not in and out all night.
Hope you have a relaxing week x

Morgan said...

@Bridget - exactly! It is the fact that I won't be at gymnastics and won't have to take the YFG to piano which make the week more relaxing. Evenings at home feel like such a luxury!! Thanks for popping in xx