Saturday, 21 February 2015

Catching up

Watching the train draw into the station last night, I had a huge grin on my face, and the YFG stepped off the train bang on time - no delays this time.  We soon got back to the house, and I had the fire lit and a hot water bottle in her bed since she had texted me from the train to say that she was cold.  She soon warmed up and had to strip off her jumper in the cosiness of the sitting room!

She unpacked her bag all over the sitting room floor to share some of her purchases with me, and then came and sprawled with her legs on my lap as we sat on the sofa and caught up on the week.  It is fabulous to have her home!  She is still asleep now, and likely to be for a little longer, I should think.

I watched a film last night whilst doing the ironing; the film was called "Machine Gun Preacher" and I was wondering what I had let myself in for in the first twenty minutes or so, but it was setting the scene for the dramatic changes to come. The horrifying story of the atrocities in Sudan was portrayed without pulling any punches, and showed how children's lives are destroyed by war.  Really makes you think and puts things into perspective: there was a hard scene where Sam Childer's daughter in Pennsylvania wanted to talk to him about getting a limo to travel to her prom with her friends when he was desperate to find $5000 to keep the children in the Sudanese orphanage fed and looked after.

And so today stretches in front of me - the YFG's washing needs to be done, and there is a service to prepare for tomorrow - but no gymnastics, no shopping and not too much else pressing, so there is still a bit of the half-term holiday feeling in the air!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

it's always good to welcome them home. Sad to say goodbye though, but it does get easier over time.