Monday, 2 February 2015

Weather arrives on cue

This morning, I had two loads of washing on the airers after I changed our beds and then I cleaned out both chook houses.  After all that effort, I sat outside under the verandah in the FH's favourite spot and enjoyed a cup of tea in the glorious sunshine we were having - under clear blue skies. It was lovely!  The first outside cuppa of the year.

Tonight - it is snowing.

Not best pleased, as I have to go to gymnastics tomorrow and I hate driving in the snow, so I am really hoping that it goes by 3pm tomorrow afternoon!  It does look beautiful in the glow of the streetlights, but it's going to be mushy in the morning....

But, on the other hand, if I didn't need to go to gym, I would quite happily stay snug and warm at home.  I've had the fire alight all day, and it has kept the sitting room warm whilst I have been in and out.  I've got the news on now, and we are set for more snow overnight, I think.  We've got all the food we need, plenty to do and lots to keep warm with, so we are all set.  I did think there would be more "winter" before we saw Spring.  

Cold winds blowing down from the North have brought us this, after it has deposited some on the EFG in Aberdeen - she's got more than us, I think, but hers is less attractive as it has been hanging around for a while.  

If the back garden still looks nice in the morning, I may even be tempted to take a photo!

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