Tuesday, 3 February 2015


The YFG was quite excited this morning to be able to make the first footprint in the pristine snow!

You can see that she trod very carefully to make a good print.

Our side of the street still only has her footprints where she walked off to catch the bus, but I am sure that there will be other prints out there by the time she comes home.  The dog walkers will be out shortly if they haven't already been out.

The poor chickens were not too keen on the chilly stuff when I let them out at 7.30am.  Some just looked out of the hen houses and went back in, to let another one come and have a look, and a couple took a flying leap to try to avoid having to tread on the snow.  They all came out eventually, as they were getting peckish and wanted their breakfast!  Food usually wins in the end.


Bridget said...

We've got a little bit here. The boys were out in it at 7-30 am to play with some local children before the other children went to school.They loved it!

Gill - That British Woman said...

sick of the white stuff, mind you we have a tad more here in Canada!!

Jo said...

Our chickens don't like this cold spell with a little snow either and are resolutely refusing to lay. I miss eggs.

Morgan said...

Hi all!
Our chickens are laying one or two eggs each day, but considering that there are about 16 of them to keep feeding, I am not that impressed. I shall be glad when they are all giving us a few each week and we get going again. I usually reckon they are in laying gear between Valentine's Day and my birthday at the end of September. A lot of mine are pure breeds and shut down over winter, so I shouldn't complain! I shall look forward to more baking in the spring!
Good to hear from you in Canada, Gill, and I am very glad I haven't got as much as you have over there!
Bridget - I saw your post about waking the kids up extra early to see the snow so I am glad that there was enough left for them to have a game with this morning!
Hugs all round xxx

Cheapchick said...

We haven't had any snow at all this winter, although our winter is usually a lot like yours. Lots of frosts and more sunny days this winter than last.

Frugal in Bucks said...

Quite thick here but gone by lunch. I like it for a couple of days then I can't wait for it to go. X