Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great things in the garden

The new chicken shed is up - not finished but the sides and back/front are in position and it has been stained with Cuprinol. The roof trusses are helping to hold it up, and there is light at the end of the tunnel on this project!

Lancelot and his harem are producing eggs and I now have almost enough to get another incubator fired up - I need about another four, so it should be in business on Tuesday night.

The chicks we hatched earlier are now off the heat lamp and spending their days in their boxes on the freezers under the verandah, enjoying the fresh air. Night times find them in the utility room, as bringing them back into the lounge meant that they were getting accustomed to the warmth again and we really need to be hardening them off. When the weather settles (ha!) into some sort of pattern for warmth, they will be in an ark outside permanently.

The YFG has had her SATS this week and survived without a wobble, so I am hoping that the EFG does as well in her exams this week. She just wants to get them over!

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