Thursday, 6 May 2010

Garden tidying at last

I had to go to town this morning, but when I returned, I went out in to the garden and really got stuck in. Runner beans were sown in the greenhouse in pots, as were some more heirloom seeds, Cherokee Trail of Tears climbing French beans - I have high hopes for those as I have heard so much about them, all good! Everything in the greenhouse was very well watered, and then I moved on to the chickens. Two chicken houses were re-sited on the rough grass at the side of the house, and another was just moved onto some fresh grass. Several of the chicken houses were cleaned out as well, so now they smell fresh and clean with the scent of the pine from the wood shavings which I have put on their floors. After all that, I was ready to do some weeding but the trowel broke, so that was that for today.

Lots of schools in the local area have received an email from me today with a new poster advertising the gymnastics classes we run. We have several vacancies in the class structure where classes are not quite full, so we have space for more new kids to join. I've also been emailing the Wonens' Development coach at Huntingdon for some info about competitions.

This evening, I was cooking the supper at the same time as making more lemon curd. Three double batches of the recipe have produced eight jars, so we have lots to share.

The lady who is selling me the Brown Sussex trio has been on the phone and would like the birds collected sooner rather than later, so we are trying to make arrangements to get them on Monday from her in Kent. Either I will go and get them, or we will ask a neighbour to take the FH and we will pay the petrol. Whatever happens, I need to sort out a house for them quick smart! They were hatched last year, and she says that they are quite fertile, so fingers crossed that we can get some chicks out of them this year.

The YFG's class is going to London at the very end of term to see the musical, "Wicked" which I have just found out is currently starring Lee Mead of Joseph fame - I am so jealous that she gets to go on this trip!! I paid for it today, so that is £38 out of the budget this week.

Must go to do the ironing now - I am not staying up to watch the election results come in as I've done my bit for women's rights by casting a vote so I'll just wait until the morning to see who is in charge now. I think that the Conservatives are probably going to be the ones this time, but I might be wrong....


Minty Apple said...

Hi, where are you getting all the lemons from and would it be possible to have the recipe please. I've never made lemon curd and quite fancy a go at something new. Thanks muchly x

Morgan said...

The lemons came from Tesco this time - the eggs are home produced and I am making the lemon curd to use some of the current glut.

The recipe is SO simple!

It is available at the post here:

That link should work for you if you copy and paste.

Do try it and let us know how you get on - it is all done in the microwave in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks for dropping in!

Varis Creations said...

Wow.. sounds like you have been busy in the garden. I really miss my veg plot that I had at our last house, no room here but I do have a nice big greenhouse so try and get as much as possible in that! Much hen envy as well..I keep suggesting it to OH but he's not keen so will have to make do with following your virtual flock instead ;0)

Morgan said...

I'd probably have greenhouse envy as mine is quite small!!