Thursday, 27 May 2010

Gosh - it's Thursday!!

Can't believe that I have been absent for nearly three days - time flies! What have we been up to?

Tuesday went by in a flash and all I really remember was that it was gymnastics in the late afternoon and evening. In the morning, though, the FH and I went to the timber yard and fetched the trellis and fence posts - that was a laugh, trying to get everything home on the roof of the Astra estate car - we managed it! We made some holes and got the Metposts lined up but not actually in the ground.

Wednesday was a busy one - the FH and UJ took 12 hens and 3 rabbits to the auction at Mildenhall; I needed to move some of the crossbreed hens on to new homes so that I can concentrate on the breeding groups. I did keep Goldenburg back as she has a special place here and we love her. We also loved Bubblegum the rabbit, but it made sense to find her a new home. Apparently, although we got less than £1 a rabbit, they all went for pets rather than to butchers, thank goodness. They were all pure Dutch rabbits, and are all very sociable, so some people got bargains! Whilst the FH was out, I went to town to meet two of the helpers to finalise their logbooks for their coaching exams. We spent nearly two hours drinking tea in Tesco's cafe but we just about got them done. I came home in time to pick up the YFG from school, then I needed a rest before trundling off to see my sister in the other town - she's had a operation on her foot - and pick up the EFG from Rounders club. Then (there's more!!) we had a lovely meal together with UJ before the YFG and I had to go to a meeting about the Gala in the summer when all the year 6 girls get to be the Gala Princesses. Cue painting and decorating a float in July....

It came as no surprise to find that I was exhausted today - so I went back to bed and slept most of the morning away once the girls were off to school. I made up for it once I rose again, though, as we have got the trellis up and finished, looking good! I have also been weeding the veg beds this evening in an attempt to get one or two ready for planting - the dwarf beans ARE going in tomorrow. I also need to finish another bed off for the lettuces, and then there are the tomatoes to pot up, and the FH had almost made troughs to go under the trellis to plant the runner beans in so that they grow up the trellis. Knowing that runners like deep soil, he has made the troughs extra deep.

I must put up the new-to-us recipes we have found lately - there's the rhubarb crunch cake with variations, the excellent carrot cake and the fudgey-wudgey chocolate cookies.

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