Saturday, 22 May 2010

Doings in the Fens

Much has been going on! The verandah has been reclaimed from the ravages of the chickens over the winter months, and we now have a nice dining area again out there. It has taken a lot of hard work with mop and bucket, broom, shovel and cobweb brush - but it was far too hot today to do it during the day, so we started at about 7pm and finished at 10.10pm, tired and rather dusty - showers are in order before bed tonight.

The new incubator arrived yesterday and has been put to work tonight with 20 eggs. It turns them automatically, so that is one less job for me. On the egg front, I am disappointed to report that I caught one of the Brown Sussex hens eating an egg this morning. Apart from the fact that the eggs are wanted for the breeding programme, it is really bad to let them get away with eating the eggs, so I must try blowing one out and filling it with a mustard mixture to put her off.

The YFG didn't come to gym last night as she came out of school hot, bothered, crotchety and with a headache, so she stayed at home. I told her to rest and drink plenty, and stay in the lounge where it is refreshingly cool. What did she do? Went into the kitchen, where it is south facing and hot already, put the oven on and made some Fudgeywudgey chocolate cookies. They are enormous but seem to be very popular with the family and her friends, so no doubt that recipe will have to be added to our collection - it makes a very chewy cookie.

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