Monday, 31 May 2010

Beans are in!

Yes - I felt like putting the flags up yesterday to celebrate - I have one whole veg bed full of dwarf beans. They are a variety called Tendercrop, so I hope that they grow well and taste good when they are grown. The weather yesterday was damp when we got up, but it dried off and the sun came out, but there was a gusty west wind most of the day. I still have the Ferrari dwarf beans to plant out, but there are slightly less of those, and I still have to weed and prepare a bed for those. Today's plan is to do that and prep a bed to put courgettes and lettuce for the summer. Yesterday also saw 6 cucumber plants being put into the soil in the greenhouse - I have 18 plants, of two varieties, so I planted 3 of each - Burpless and Telegraph. The other 12, well - I'm looking for homes for those! Around those plants, I put some lettuces so that they will come on slightly earlier than the ones I plan to put outside. Some of the tomato plants were brought out of the greenhouse and up under the verandah so that they can get used to cooler temperatures before actually going outside.

Today has dawned bright and clear again, but the wind is from the north east, so it is a little chillier, so I'll just have to wrap up warmer! There are more jobs to do outside as well as the gardening - the FH is making the troughs for the trellis, and I painted three for him yesterday. There are two more in the making today, and they will need to be done as well, although the YFG is after some pocket money for a day out on Thursday so she may ask for the job! Now that the FH has his driving license back, he is taking the YFG and her friend to Wicksteed Park in Kettering on Thursday - the EFG doesn't want to go so she and I will be having a day at home.

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