Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wednesday already...

The days are slipping away again and there is nothing out of the ordinary to say; I haven't had any time to take photographs, and I'm pretty tired!!

The greenhouse is almost fit to burst with tomato plants, dwarf bean plants and cucumbers. Those varieties are growing in abundance, and the others are doing fine too. I just wish I had time to get the veg beds in the garden ready to get the plants out soon, but there are rather too many weeds on them yet, and the heaps of compost from our compost bin which also need to get dug in. The weather hasn't been kind at all this week and it has been cold and damp, so I haven't ventured into the garden to do any of that.....I must!

The FH is presently engaged in building me a new chicken shed - it is quite large. He has put down the shuttering to make a concrete base and he has someone coming to help him with the concreting on Friday. He has made the panels for the shed and they are waiting to be put up, and then we just have to sort the roof out. This is meant to be a proper chicken breeding shed so that the various breeds can be separated properly. I am really looking forward to its completion sometime soon.

The FH has to go back to Papworth on Saturday for an overnight stay, so he wants to get the concreting done before he goes. My sister is also supposed to be borrowing the concrete mixer at the weekend so he has an added incentive to get it done. I am hoping for some good weather so that I can get out there and do some gardening too.

I have begun today to collect Gold Partridge Orpington eggs so that I can hatch them in the incubator; the girls laid three between them today, so I am hoping that they lay the same number each day for the next three days, and I'll soon get a dozen. I think a dozen is a good number, and they fit comfortably into the incubators. In about a month's time, there could be more chicks!! The Gold Laced Orps which hatched at the end of last month are doing well, and their first real feathers are just coming through - gorgeous.

I have realised that I have a difficult couple of months coming up financially - TV license, RAC membership, Volvo car tax - and the bill has just come in for the Volvo's new battery too. Roll on 2012 when the FH will turn 75 and we'll no longer have to pay for a TV license. Normally, I would have money in the second bank account put aside for these "extra" bills as they are regular and I do anticipate them, but I have challenged myself by putting more into the savings account and so we are going to have to come up with this money from May and June's income. It is doable, as it just means cutting back a little - and since I finished the Lent challenge, I have splurged a little too - so I have full freezers to work from already!

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