Saturday, 29 May 2010

Spring rain

It has been raining on and off nearly all day today - and the garden really needs it, so I can't complain. The beans didn't get planted yesterday because I had to take the FH out on an errand which apparently couldn't wait, but I have potted most of the tomatoes up this afternoon - rain doesn't matter when I am in the greenhouse! There are lots of varieties and I am looking forward to seeing which are the best this year. The chickens aren't too happy with the showers after all the sunny days we have had but they will have to get used to it as I think that there is more rain forecast over the next few days.

Gym this morning, and we had a busy day with lots to do. We decided on the date for the holiday club week, and it is booked at the sports centre, so I can now plan our summer a little more, knowing when we are committed to being where!

When the YFG and I got home from gym this afternoon, the FH was holding a VERY important piece of paper - the letter from the DVLA saying he can DRIVE again!!!!!!!! Whoopee! You can't imagine how happy I am to have that letter at long last! And what a relief it is that he is mobile under his own steam again - thank you, DVLA!

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