Monday, 10 May 2010


Lancelot has arrived with three females in his harem! He is an absolutely gorgeous Brown Sussex cockerel from Kent, fetched today with the three hens. I am so pleased with them - they are very rare, and the lady who sold them to us was keen to know that we will breed with them, as she wants to help to preserve the breed.

This is the first step in the Brussbar breeding programme - I now need the Barred Plymouth Rocks, and another strain of Brown Sussex. The lady also gave us five eggs that the girls have laid recently, so when I have a dozen, they will be going in the incubator.

I have 14 Gold partridge Orpington eggs ready to go into the incubator tomorrow if it has hit the right temperature by then.

Photos of Lancelot and his ladies to follow tomorrow! I think that the girls will have to be Gwnhyfyr, Morgan and Morgause. Lancelot's father was called Arthur, so that doesn't quite fit the legend, but we will have to keep with the Camelot theme!

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