Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The photos are stuck in two places - on the EFG's laptop and in the camera and I can't use them here from either place - they need to be on this computer! I either need to upload the software onto this computer or email them over here - and I haven't had time to do one or the other today.
Rest assured, they are there, looking beautiful and will be here soon! Lancelot and his ladies are doing fine, and I am really pleased with the way they are settling in - 3 eggs yesterday and another two today, so the eggs I have from them are going into the incubator tonight. I put a dozen Gold Partridge Orps in last night, so they will all hatch within a day or so and can brood together.

The Gold Laced Orp chicks went outside today for their first time: I just moved their box out onto the freezer under the verandah and they could enjoy what sunshine there was without being too cold. I brought them back in for the night, though, as it is not warm enough to leave them out.

The YFG is doing SATS tests at school this week - tomorrow is the final day for them. She seems unfazed by the exams themselves and is excited to get to school early each day at 8.15am to have breakfast with her classmates before school starts as a special treat. I'll be glad when this week is over, though, and we get back to 8.35am starts! I also had the form through to apply for her bus pass for September when she moves up to secondary school.

The EFG had a day at home today, as she had rather a temperature last night as well as a headache and a cold. She rested most of the day and is feeling better now, so she will be back in the fray tomorrow.

UJ was also here today and I made him a cake to take home - he was also supposed to take some ham and bacon which my sister had got from the cash and carry for him, but we forgot between us, so I will have to put them in my freezer for him until we see him again...