Monday, 24 May 2010

Heatwave indeed

The heat has been unseasonable this weekend and we are expecting a return to more normal temperatures for the time of year this week. The mercury in the greenhouse hit the top of the thermometer, and the tomatoes wilted a little. They are OK now, but a couple of the pepper seedlings didn't make it.

Sunday was a good day - the YFG and I went to church and then came home to the cool! The FH took the girls to a neighbour's BBQ at lunchtime, and I had a sleep in the reclining chair until the EFG came home, and went out again. The FH returned at about 3.30pm and had a snooze on the sofa but the YFG stayed, playing with her friends, until 6.30pm. My dad came over in the evening and we trawled the internet for a suitable holiday for him and MB to take, now that the insurance is going to be more tricky to access after the January event in Antigua! We found a P&O cruise around the UK, and a couple of specialist insurance companies for him to contact today, so fingers crossed that they are able to help him.

I have been spending again - there was the incubator, new glass for the verandah windows, a wireless strimmer for the grass around the garden beds (it drives me crazy!) and today some Metposts and water butts for the garden. We are going to put some trellis up, so the Metposts are to hold the fence posts for the trellis. The trellis will be purchased tomorrow, with the fence posts, from our friends, Roger and Kevan, who have a local cut-price timber yard. I have been thinking about buying the Wii fit system to add to the Wii games that we already have, but I think I will consider it a bit longer! I have found a good deal at Amazon, which is cheaper than Tesco, but perhaps there are still better deals out there...

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