Sunday, 12 July 2009

NHS gets it together

The phone call last night came much earlier than anticipated - around 9pm, so I was able to dash off the 15 or so miles to the hospital and fetch the Tamiflu for her.

Having said that, I am not that impressed now that I have read the leaflet inside. The YFG is 10 next month, and weighs about 35kg, but the dose she has been given, according to said leaflet, is for a child weighing less than 15kg. How many 10 year olds weigh 2.5 stone? I am not going through the hell of the phone calls again to see why this has been prescribed, so I'll contact our own doctors on Monday. Hopefully she will have managed to take some by then; it says that it is best tolerated by the stomach if it is taken with food, but she is struggling to eat anything this morning, so we haven't been able to give her a dose yet. I don't want to add an upset stomach to her list of woes, so I am being a little cautious with it. I know I have to get a dose into her today, though, so I am wracking my brains to think of something to tempt her with in the food line.

On a positive note, she slept through the night until 6am, when a dream about things crashing in the universe woke her up. She has dozed again for a while until we got up at 8am. Now she is ensconced on the sofa, in command of the tv remote and cuddled under a duvet.

Thanks to GTM for her good wishes - much appreciated. I have cancelled the week ahead in terms of going places/appointments so that we can concentrate on getting better.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Gosh no problem( (more hugs for you all) )
What does the tamiflu do then,is it suposed to ease symptoms & what have they said about the rest of you getting it?Am thinking aloud here lol!That seems crazy the dose doesnt match up with her age/weight :oS

I hope you can get a bit in her,what about the old standby of hot stock or Bovril? a few teaspoons of that might be all she can manage.
Thinking of you all
GTM x x xx

Morgan said...


The Tamiflu doesn't ease the symptoms at all - it just slows the spread of the illness through the body by slowing the rate at which the virus cells infect the cells in the body - I think!

The doctor said that it would simply shorten the length of the illness from 7 to 5 days.

She has eaten a couple of sausages, one of her favourite meals, and has had a capsule - I had to open it and put the powder on the last but one piece of sausage - which the doctor said would be OK as she has never had to swallow pills whole before. It tasted so foul, though, that she thinks she might try swallowing the next one!!

As for the rest of us, we are obsessively washing our hands, and keeping hard surfaces disinfected as much as possible where she may have touched them - like in the bathrooms. The bug lives for 24 hours on a hard surface but only 20 minutes on soft furnishings, so since she is in bed or on the sofa most of the time, I am concentrating on the bathroom, kitchen - and the remote control for the TV!!!!!

Thanks for all the good wishes - keep 'em coming!


Compostwoman said...

Wow, am so sorry this has happened to you all....

Lots of love, Cw xx