Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ten years on

Today marks the ten year anniversary of the FH's heart transplant. We have come so far and done so much in the last ten years that we wanted to mark the day with a family lunch, and we raised a glass to the donor and their family - we can never forget their unselfish donation which gave us the gift. We have no idea of whom donated the heart, male or female, young or older, etc, but their family was probably thinking of them yesterday as we believe that they died on the 25th. The FH received the heart in the early hours of the 26th.

So, this morning, Pete the turkey was wrapped in tinfoil and began cooking at about 11am, whilst I dashed around the house, tidying up and getting veg prepared. Dad's partner brought some puddings, so that saved me some time, and the meal was served at about 1.45pm. Then we all sat around and watched a DVD of the highlights of their recent cruise - Cobh, Dublin, Greenland, Iceland and various parts of Norway. The scenery was superb!

I have been thinking about the chickens which we have and have had a look at the Rare Breeds register's website - glad to see that I am doing my bit to support the rare poultry - Buff Orpingtons, Buff Sussex and Light Sussex. However, I did wonder whether I could diversify into more of the rare breeds, even if I only keep a trio of a couple of them. The cockerels will be the challenge! Some of them are being sold as hatching eggs on ebay, so I may think about firing up the incubator again and raising some more. Quite fancy the Ixworth, for example.

The YFG and I are at gymnastics for a week of holiday club, 10 till 1 each day from Monday to Friday. It's going to be hard work, particularly since I am still not 100% yet, but I will just have to pace myself! The interesting part of the holiday club is that we have 26 or so children of all ages and abilities in the same class at the same time - boys and girls. There will be about 4 coaches each day, so we should be able to sort them into some sort of grouping on Monday and keep them in those working groups for the week. We also have the use of a trampoline for the week, which I think the kids will love, so that will be a little diversion.

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