Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Oh, my goodness!

We have been living here in this house for five years now, almost exactly, since we moved in June 04. Five years for us is a long time in one place, and now we have got itchy feet....We have long admired a particular house in a nearby town, and we know the couple who own it, as the FH spent some time working with the gentleman a few years back. And there I was, browsing on rightmove, the property website, being nosy about a neighbour's house, and then I saw that THAT house was up for sale, and I could probably afford it. I called the FH to come and look at the computer, he called the gentleman and had a chat over things like council tax banding, heating fuel and plumbing, and we have been to view it this morning. We like it. A lot.

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