Friday, 31 July 2009

Quail on the loose....

There is one escapee in the greenhouse, so as soon as I saw it, I shut the door. It is in there somewhere amongst the bags of compost and empty plantpots, but it is safely in there. The other two are somewhere else entirely - I just don't know where. There are just too many places in the garden for them to hide so our chances of finding them before a local cat does are slim, to say the least. I have warned the neighbour to keep an eye in his garden as there is a quail-sized gap underneath the fence.

Gym club is over now for the summer - we had the last session this morning, and then I went to Tesco for a couple of things which I couldn't get on the Asda delivery due tomorrow. After that, I came home to collapse with a cup of tea and my feet up for an hour. All the gym clothes went in the wash and are dry already, and the trainers will need to be whitened again before September rolls around. We go back to gym around the 8th September, although life will be interesting then as the Head Coach is having an op on his shoulder on 13th August, so quite how fit he will be by September, we will have to wait and see. There are enough other helpers that we should manage, and now that I have made it to Coach, I could actually run a class with some of the Assistant Coaches.

The EFG and I have picked another batch of dwarf beans this afternoon and now the FH is topping and tailing them so that they can go in the freezer. These are yellowish, although they still taste good. I am currently cooking my supper and then I have yet another courgette cake recipe to try out. The girls HATE courgette as a vegetable, but it seems to go down OK in cake, so I am hoping to get a couple of batches of cakes and cookies in the freezer ready for packed lunches again.

Shoes are the bane of my life here with two girls who have H fitting shoes. I am dreading the trek around all the shoe shops which we are inevitably going to have to start soon to find them each a pair to go back to school in. I have found a new (to me) shop in Peterborough which I may have to try, although I really don't want to have to go all that way for shoes. Needs must sometimes though - they can't go barefoot!


cluny_view said...

Not sure if this is of any help but you can order H fitting shoes via the Clarks website and then have them fitted at your local Clarks shop. Theres no obligation so obviously if they are not suitable you don't have to buy them but at least you would know they had some to try when you went in!

Morgan said...

Definitely worth knowing - I will have a look on their website and see if there is anything that the girls fancy. Thanks for that.

Hope all is well with you - the new venture looks exciting!