Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sleeping it off

Yes, I managed the coaching at gym yesterday morning, but then I slept for nearly two hours in the afternoon, and still managed to be asleep at the normal time at night. This morning I watched another DVD with the EFG, and then I have just been pottering around this afternoon - the girls are out playing with their friends, although they had to come in and play board games for a while when the heavens opened earlier. Much fun is being had out there now that the sun is shining. They'll be back at tea time!

One of our neightbours has some beautiful gold Sebright bantams - and they have managed to hatch four gorgeous little chicks off. I have just been to visit, and to offer a little advice as this is their very first hatching, and all is going very well. The chicks are just like tiny balls of black and gold fluff!

We made some cupcakes last night from Harry Eastwood's book - they are American Vanilla Cupcakes, with grated courgette and they are lovely! We made them in smaller than recommended cases, so we got about 30 of them, iced some this morning and put two packages in the freezer uniced. Well, they are so good that all the iced ones (12) are gone........and you wouldn't really know that they have any veggies in them at all, apart from the odd little sliver of courgette in the occasional cake. Highly recommended!

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