Friday, 17 July 2009

Take this flu seriously

Friday already and I have been out of action most of the week. I posted on Tuesday that I was feeling OK-ish but I spoke too soon. I spent Wednesday in bed, a raging 40 degree temperature torturing me for about 5 hours until the combination of paracetamol, ibuprofen and forehead cooling strips eventually brought it down but it was extremely oppressive and I wasn't all there for some of the time - I remember having some very weird thoughts. Yesterday was a little better, but I spent most of the day in bed again, only getting up to cook some supper, wash up and then plod back to bed. Today I feel so washed out and tired that I have been down to sort the chickens out and have come back upstairs.

The weather today is thundery and the air is very close so that is not helping with the temperature control at all! I had listened to all the news about this being a "mild" illness in the majority of cases - and in terms of being life-threatening, I have not had it badly, I agree, but it is certainly not something I am going to bounce back from in a few days - and an older person might struggle more, I think.

The girls are doing OK - the EFG only went to school on Monday, and they have been very good at amusing themselves with a DVD festival, scrapbooking, their baby bunnies, and playing games on the computer and Nintendos. I feel guilty that they have had to occupy themselves for so long but there is simply nothing that I could or can do about it. The YFG had one evening playing with the little boy next door - outside, with the frisbee (not sure how that is spelled!!) but otherwise, they have only had their own company and I am pleased with the way that they are coping.

The five chicks have been moved this morning from their box in the lounge to a proper place in the shed where they have much more room. They were becoming a little too noisy to have in the lounge for too much longer - and they were getting smelly as well although I was cleaning them out daily. They appear to be enjoying the extra space, and I will check on them later to see how they are getting on.

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