Saturday, 11 July 2009

Swine flu

The first case to be treated with Tamiflu was reported in the YFG's school on Friday morning, and she and about eight others also have it now. We are still waiting to be able to get her the medication, and the NHS seems to be in chaos tonight.

I called the out-of-hours service this morning, was told that the doctor would call back within the hour and he did so. We had a chat, I described all the symptoms she is experiencing, and he told me to watch her today and call back tonight if she wasn't better. She has developed a very chesty cough now and is bringing up phlegm, and has a lot of aches and pains, so I rang back as instructed, at 6.30pm to be told that there is now a 6-7 hour wait for the doctor to call back to speak with you.

I asked what to do if I needed more urgent advice, and was told to go to A&E, but when I questioned the lady over that, as I believed that the advice was not to take a patient to the surgery or hospital, she said that she didn't really know what to say as it was changing hourly and they were overwhelmed with calls. She did say that if the YFG's breathing became distressed, I should call back and she would be re-prioritised. Mmmm - maybe, but if her breathing became distressed, I think I would be looking for an ambulance with some oxygen on board. I couldn't be angry with the woman on the phone as obviously this is just too much for them to deal with, but it is very frustrating. I now have to wait up till 12-1 am for this doctor to call. She did question me as to whether I wanted to do that, but as I said, if I wait until tomorrow, who knows when I might get to speak with someone??

Newsround on CBBC reported today that the first case of someone with SF dying who did not have an underlying medical condition has occurred in Basildon in Essex. When the YFG heard that, she became convinced that she is going to die. I told her that she will get better as she is healthy, and fit, but she wanted me to promise her that she is not going to die. It is heartbreaking. She feels so ill though, that she can't imagine feeling any worse. God bless her, please.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh goodness the poor mite x I hope she feels better soon,you all must be so worried :o( Give her a hug from me & tell her she will be fine,she needs to rest up & try not to worry & let her body get mended.
I seem to be reading of folks that have it all the time now,not nice to hear of folks being poorly & worried :o(
Take care x x & sending you all lots of love
GTM x x x x

Compostwoman said...

Ah poor poppet :-(

I have my precious ( aren't they all?) poppet who is recovered from being ill too....

Yours will be fine.....she WILL be fine...she is healthy and fit and it WILL be OK...just keep saying that....

I shall pray for not a christian so do not know if that is welcome? but shall do so, I believe all prayers rise to heavenwards, regardless......

with much love xx