Friday, 3 July 2009

The chick is still alive

The last chick that was helped to hatch yesterday is still with us, although perhaps not entirely healthy. Its feathers have not yet reached the "fluffy" stage, and only one eye is open, which is worrying. It is spending some time on its feet, plodding around the incubator. It will have to be moved to the brooder box by 5pm this afternoon to start eating and drinking so it has a couple of hours to go yet before it makes that big move.

We have had some torrential rainstorms here this lunchtime - the garden needs it, but I didn't really need the extra shower as I delivered a dozen eggs to school for the secretaries!

Made falafel for dinner last night with the YFG - we modified the recipe somewhat since it called for several ingredients we didn't have to hand: flat-leafed parsley, cumin and coriander. My mixture was also a bit dry so I put an egg in and made it a little too wet, so we added more flour! The missing kick from the cumin and coriander was replaced with some Worcestershire sauce - entirely un-authentic, but the EFG and FH said that they were good. We didn't have the traditional pittas to serve them in either, so the YFG made oven-baked wedges and a salad. A very cheap and cheerful tea.

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