Friday, 17 July 2009

Moving on

I've heard and thought about flu enough now, so I think it is time to talk about something else. Quite what, I don't know, as I haven't been anywhere or done much this week, but GTM has a thought-provoking poster over on her blog (see sidebar - A Life Full of Blessings) which raises a few ideas in my head.

The war years are not a time I lived through and I have no first hand knowledge of the fear, deprivation and hardship that people endured. But I am told that it was a time of great community spirit, of an "all in this together" attitude, and a "we'll get through this" mentality. Unfortunately, I think that the increase in prosperity since the war has meant the demise of such British spirit. We could look to this recession with the same attitude, and help one another along. There are a few who are doing something along those lines, but I see a lot of people keeping their eyes averted and concentrating on themselves. It is sad that we can't do things for one another in a more generous spirit. I am a firm believer of what comes around, goes around; if I give, I will receive when I am in need - and it hasn't let me down. Giving means that I believe that however little I have, I have enough, and I have something to spare. I do give - books to the school, outgrown/hardly worn clothes to the little girl around the corner, courgettes to the neighbours, bits and pieces to the charity shops - it nearly broke my heart to take a decent tv to the skip last week because none of the charity shops will accept electrical goods.

I have to say that the other thing about the war years and the forties and fifties, is that life seems to have been more simple - less technology, less distractions!!

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