Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Meal plans

I should be doing a weekly meal plan but some days I am flying by the seat of my pants right up to dinner time!  This week so far, we started off on Sunday with cottage pie, with meat for most of us and a Quorn-based one for the veggie in residence. Leftovers were tarted up on Monday with baked beans and fresh spinach, and today, the EF girls have had butternut squash, spinach and carrot curry with rice and naan breads, and the YFG and I have had corned beef hash, because we don't like curry!
Two portions of curry have gone into the freezer but I am not telling anyone that they are nestled amongst a load of lamb chops - shhh!

Wednesday night is going to involve baked potatoes, and then Thursday may come together with a mozzarella spaghetti bake.  At this stage, Friday will be anyone's guess........freezer rummaging will be on the cards by then.  Note to self: when we get back from the Sheringham holiday, I must be more organised!


Terra said...

We like curry AND lamb chops at our house; your meal plans sound delicious.

Angela said...

All sounds fine to me. Planning on a lot of freezer rummaging during November, so there is space for Christmas stuff.

Mimi said...

Sounds good to me too, Morgan! We've discovered Quinoa and Corn Cous Cous here in recent times. They form the base of lots of lovely meals now :) Mimi xxx