Monday, 5 October 2015

The words have been uttered

The words which send panic and dread into the heart of every teacher and governor in the land. "Ofsted are coming tomorrow!"

They are coming for a two day visit, and I am summoned for 4 pm with some other governors to have a chat with them tomorrow.  Thing is, we know we have made a huge amount of progress, but we just need them to come and recognise that and validate our judgements.....will they agree??

Back soon - I hope!


Angela said...

Thinking of you. Hoping they see how much hard work has been put in - by staff, pupils and governors x

veeknits19 said...

Good luck, hope they see all the effort everyone has put in. Vee x

Sue in Suffolk said...

I do hope it all goes well. I don't like the way everything is geared to just one visit - it doesn't seem fare on teachers

Morgan said...

@Sue - yes, that way of doing things has been recognised as not quite right and now they also have to take into account the children's progress and attainment as well as looking at their books to see how they have been getting on in the past, and looking at marking and feedback. It is much less just a snapshot of one day now, thank goodness, and more of a complete picture!

Thanks, all of you! Been a long day today, but I am looking forward to 5pm on Wednesday when we're invited to go in for the feedback session and to find out the judgments.