Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cash is good

I know that some money savers don't carry cash, as a means of preventing themselves from spending frivously or in an unplanned manner.  But I'm not one of them, and I do carry cash - and I am glad I do, because some days, it means I can grab a bargain!

This morning, I drove north to a chapel I hadn't preached at before, and I passed a woman with a big Transit van on a layby, and she had a table in front of the van with vegetables laid out on it - and I could see squashes as well as other things.  I hadn't allowed myself any spare time on the journey so I just noted it and carried on.

Luckily for me, she was still there when I came back a while later - but the squashes had gone from the table and all she had out were raspberries - which I didn't want.  So a friendly wave and a, "Got any squashes left?" had me out of the car when she said, "Oh, yes, but they're in the van!" I pulled over and got out of the car to go and have a look in the van: a tray of butternut squashes and a tray of assorted other kinds also laid in the rear area.

Remember how I paid £1.90 or so for a butternut squash last week?  These were a very similar size, and she was charging £1 each or 3 for £2.50.  I soon chose two butternut and another one from the other selection. She wasn't sure of the name of the other one I chose, but said that it has a chestnut flavour. At that price, I thought it was worth a chance!

I had a mooch around the internet when I got home, and apparently butternut will store for up to six months, if stored in a cool and dry place, so there is no rush to use them.  But I wouldn't have been able to pick up these bargains without a few pounds in my purse.  Around here, there are a LOT of people who sell veg from their gates, and it is reliably cheaper than the supermarkets.

Extending my range of butternut squash recipes is going to be good, and cheap if it goes on like this!


Meanqueen said...

Hello. I quite agree with carrying cash, you never know what you will find. The lady in the layby would have laughed if you had offered a credit card payment. I always have cash in my purse, for such opportunities as you describe. When I do my bargain hunting around the discount stores I always pay cash.

veeknits19 said...

Yes, it's always good to be able to get an unexpected bargain, so I too carry cash. I think the don't carry cash mantra is for those who haven't yet differentiated between a want and a need and find it all to easy to spend on whatever they see, so cash burns a hole in their purse or pocket - just my view of things. Enjoy the squashes. Vee x

Sals View said...

I married in 1972 and have always had a set amount of housekeeping cash to last a week. Having cash helps me budget for the week and I always set a bit aside for such bargain buys. I only use cards occasionally. It frustrates me no end to be behind someone at the till paying for a few items by card. I'm not really a grumpy