Wednesday, 21 October 2015

All together

There are some awful things going on in this world of ours right now......and we are blessed that there are people who are prepared to get right in there and tell us about them.

Glennon Doyle Melton has been to Haiti and come back with a report and a mission to raise money to help the women there to give birth more safely, and even to carry their children to term. When I look back and consider how lucky I was to get fantastic care and give birth in a dedicated maternity hospital in Scotland, I had no hesitation in giving what I could to her "Together Rising" Love Flash Mob today. She's aiming to raise enough to build an extension to the maternity service building in Haiti so that even more women and babies can be helped.  It brings tears to my eyes to read about women giving birth alone and with no help at all, as well as young women being encouraged by their families to take concoctions to try to abort their babies.  The best thing about the Love Flash Mob is that it is made up of lots and lots of little donations as the maximum donation at one time is $25 - I don't think it stops you if you go back again and donate more though!

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And then there is a heart-wrenching story which I just found out about yesterday in which a beloved mother of many [7, I think] is in a critical condition in hospital in Australia, fighting for her life after an aneurysm damaged her bowel. She has hardly any bowel left after a run of operations, and it doesn't sound as if there is a lot more that the team can do, except wait and hope that her body can begin to heal itself.  I'm praying for her and her family.

What is inspiring about these situations is the way in which people come together to help one another. It is so much better for us all when we can support and encourage, rather than tearing each other apart in conflict and competition.  

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