Thursday, 15 October 2015

Money matters

I can't believe that it is nearly the end of the week again - these weeks are flying past us too fast!  Tuesday morning was spent at a conference about a strategy for professionals called "Think Family" which is about joined up care for families, and then today I was at another conference, but this one was all day!  Today's really floated my boat as it was about money......sad but true.

I went to workshops about Universal Credit, credit unions, barriers to accepting support and about the client commitment to work.  A lot of it was completely new to me, but there were loads of professionals there to whom it was not news - but it was a really good opportunity for me to learn so much.  I was the only faith-based delegate on the list - most were from housing associations, family workers, etc but I made some very useful connections and came away with some ideas which I hope to be allowed to implement.

I did feel a bit out of place at one stage when one particular delegate got on her high horse about people who claim Tax Credits as if we are another species, but that is a different story!

I'm leading worship on Sunday at the Harvest Festival so I am looking forward to working on that tomorrow.......if I get time!

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Sue in Suffolk said...

I love hearing about your new job, much more interesting than hours on the phone. Hope the harvest festival goes well