Friday, 9 October 2015

A cake or two

To take my mind off the inspection on Wednesday afternoon, I did some baking....not always the best thing to do when I am distracted as I sometimes make mistakes and forget ingredients!

I have some cans of pumpkin, so I tried a new pumpkin cake, which was a bit of a challenge. I didn't have the required maple syrup, and in noting down the list of the ingredients from the website, I totally omitted the sugar!  Noticing that I didn't have the syrup, I stuck in a cup of sugar to compensate, not realising that there were supposed to be THREE cups of sugar in addition to the syrup - whoops!  My loaves ended up rather more orangey that the ones in the picture on the recipe website, but the girls have eaten one of them already and said that it was nice! So I am not too disheartened about that one.

On The Quince Tree, I saw a recipe for a cheap and cheerful cake, that I had already seen on Facebook. There's no eggs, milk or butter in the recipe so it is quite cheap to make, and I was further encouraged when Ang over at Tracing Rainbows shared a variation on the cake, so I made one - and very successfully too - it is easy to make and the girls have eaten half of it already!

I shall have another go at the pumpkin cake since I have another can of it in stock, but perhaps not for a week or two, as I have put one in the freezer anyway. The cheap and cheerful cake will probably get made again at the weekend, as there was far too much icing for one cake, and the remainder is stashed in the fridge, waiting for another opportunity to decorate something nice!  Everything I need to make it is in stock and it really is cheap, and the girls' comments included, "Amazing!" and "Brilliant cake!" so it was a success all round.


Bless said...

You might substitute golden syrup for the maple syrup. Although, in this instance, it was a good thing you substituted the sugar. :)

Ali said...

I tried the cheap & cheerful choc cake (NO DAIRY) for school packed lunches this week and it's great, mainly because it took 3 minutes to make before going in the oven and tasted great. Highly recommended.