Sunday, 11 October 2015

Making room

I have been offered - and I accepted - half a lamb from a lady who is on the school governing board with me. She has a small holding just outside the village, and it is time for the lambs to head off to the local slaughterhouse. She is charging £45 for half a lamb, so I am having half, my sister is having another half, her mother-in-law is having half and UJ is also having half!  I should have asked for commission! 

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She wasn't sure when they would actually be ready when she was talking about it, so there was no sense of a time scale then.  On Friday, I heard that we would be able to collect the meat from her on Thursday or Friday this coming week - so that means that we need to be eating from the freezer this week to make sure that there is room to stash the lamb!

I think that there will be some interesting meals to be had this week, then, as we eat up the oddments of frozen meals, and try to use up lots of bits and pieces.  I am sure the girls won't mind, as it will be one way to ensure some variety in the diet!

We're off to the Autumn Show at the Peterborough Showground when I get back from church this morning, so I hope the weather stays fair.  I'll try to get some good pictures of the exhibits.


The Challengee said...

I had to re-read that a couple of times, my addled brain was struggling with the concept of a lamb that comes in five halves :D

Sue in Suffolk said...

That's a good bargain as we were charging that much for half lamb freezer packs about 8 years ago!

Jo said...

We had half a lamb from a smallholder friend last year. It was really good! Darker meat than the lamb in the supermarket and a wonderful flavour. If I get this opportunity again then I'll jump at it.

Ali said...

Great way to buy meat. I buy beef from a friend who keeps Dexter which is delicious and a big treat which we enjoy once a month. My daughters referred to beef as dexter for years to be met by lots of puzzled faces. Food tech GCSE has just about sorted that one out!