Friday, 23 October 2015

Good news

Both of the stories I shared in the last post have positive news to report today - the Haitian birthing centre extension was fully funded but the money kept coming, because they run the Flash Mobs for 24 hours, so the extra money is being used to support pregnant mums and those just having their babies in the middle of the refugee crisis here in Europe.  They have partners in Berlin who will co-ordinate the relief effort at this end - and they have raised a phenomenal sum of money in 24 hours which I believe is about $475,000 or thereabouts. Amazing sisters coming together to support one another....I love being a part of it, however tiny a cog in the wheel that I might be!

And the other story - well, Tracey's doctors are continuing to treat her and her husband is planning her homecoming, which is a huge turnaround from the other day when he had to tell their children that she might not make it.  She is not out of the woods yet, by a long way, but things are looking hopeful.  I'm continuing to hold her and the family in my prayers.

Here at home, the girls have broken up for half term and had the day to themselves today. One went off to Cambridge on the train and did some exploring, and the other EF girl stayed here and watched the whole of the first series of Call the Midwife, which she has completely fallen in love with!  I have bobbed in and out whilst doing other things and enjoyed watching bits and pieces of it with her.  The YFG has done some homework but there's more to be done!

I've been out and about again - a craft group at one chapel this morning and a drop-in and prayer group at another one this afternoon. It is lovely to walk alongside these people and get to know them better - one old chap this afternoon was telling us about the amazing Rottweiler bitches that he has kept in the past. Not a breed I fancy at all, but he has had three in a row and loved them all, and really enjoyed telling us about one of them called Betsy this afternoon.  His diminutive wife is an adorable woman who sits and smiles constantly, in a little world of her own. He is well over 90 and she is not far behind him, but has dementia, and can't remember how much sugar she has in her tea, but he tells her patiently each time she has a cup, and it was a blessing to watch how loving he is with her.

Tomorrow I have a service to prepare and some shopping to do, as well as some ironing. Hoping for some fine weather this weekend so that I can cut the grass once I have bought some petrol for the mower.  Hope you are all keeping well. Thanks for dropping in - wouldn't be the same without you x


Terra said...

I think your week has a good focus.

Ali said...

Hi are such a positive force and a pleasure to know! I am at a week that has been hard since Wednesday was a year from losing my husband. We have kept going and this weekend we are off for two more days on the coastal footpath as we reflect and look forward. It's raining today but better weather us on its way. Nice to hear your stories and news of your house guests. X

Sandra Ann said...

So pleased to read about Tracey and the birth centre. Thankyou for sharing your days. I don't always comment but I do read :-)

San x