Monday, 19 October 2015

Day off

We had a bit of blue sky here eventually this morning, so a load of bedding was washed and whipped out on to the line to get dry in the sun and light breeze. The days of getting the laundry dry in front of the woodburner or in the verandah are here and it was a treat to be able to peg it out properly - and it smells so fresh when I bring it in pleased to get one more load dry on the line today.

I had quite a week of work last week and didn't get a single day in which I wasn't doing something church orientated, so I took a day off from all things churchy today, nearly!  I did send a couple of emails and finish off my time sheet for last week but that was about it.  I did some housework and then I put my feet up for an hour this afternoon and cast on another hat on the knitting needles whilst I watched TBN on the telly.  I'm constantly impressed by the energy and passion of some of the preachers that they have on there, and it encourages me to see the congregations in the mega churches - there are hundreds of thousands of believers in the world, even though the Fens seems to be dwindling in numbers nowadays.......

Even dinner tonight was relaxed as we had plenty of leftovers from last night - supplemented with some baked beans and fresh spinach. We sat around chatting after dinner and finally moved after about an hour - we are certainly engaging the EF girls in conversation here.  They tell horror stories about other host families that they have heard about from the other students and I wonder why some people bother to host if they are going to treat the students in that manner.  We had a laugh tonight and took a mock UK citizenship test that the YFG found online - we passed as a group but I am not sure I would have passed on my own......why are there a different number of people in a jury in Scotland, for example? I thought 12 was a pretty universal number for a jury but it appears not.

Back to work tomorrow.

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