Sunday, 4 January 2015


There are bloggers everywhere choosing a word which encapsulates their hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  

Elaine at MFin3 has chosen Adventure, and Ilona has shared a lovely post over at Life After Money in which she has brought together lots of words which people have suggested.  Lots of inspiration there which could help if you are looking for a word for the year.

My word is the same as last year, and probably some of the year before that.  When I discovered the writings of Ann Voskamp, I found my word.  And it isn't a word for this week or this year, but I think it could be my word for life.  Her book, One Thousand Gifts, changed the way I thought.  I have the word engraved on a silver bracelet that I bought from her son's website, which he and his siblings use to fundraise for Compassion, and the bracelet is on my wrist all the time now.  It's there to remind me, to help me and to inspire me.

The word? "Eucharisteo" 

It comes from the Greek word "charis" which means "grace" - an undeserved gift.  The derivative "chara" comes from the same root and means "joy". And "eucharisteo" is usually translated as "giving thanks" so we have a trinity of holy meanings here.  For me, it's about giving thanks, recognising graces and finding the joy.  

It is the word which helps me to get through the days.

On the days when the boring job on the phone grinds me down, I recall that it is a way of earning money which is flexible, above minimum wage and I can do it at home - and I am thankful. 

On the day when I lost the FH, I was able to be thankful for the wonderful caring attitudes of the staff who looked after him in his final illness and then had time to spend with us as I wept.  I was grateful for the medical advances which had kept him going for so long after his transplant.  Most of all, I was grateful for our years together and all the time we shared.   I give thanks for our two amazing daughters and their love.

On the days when I worry about the future, I stop and think about the blessings I have, and give thanks.

On the days when I wonder how life will turn out, I give thanks for the way God has guided me in the past.

I think it is a good word for me right now!


Angela said...

Yes- you have chosen well there- may the Lord give you his grace, and attitude of thankfulness all through this year xx

veeknits19 said...

Thankyou, what a lovely post, Vee xx

Bridget said...

Beautiful post x I haven't seen these one word posts on other blogs so I'll have to sit and think about my word.