Saturday, 31 January 2015

What do you think?

Thoughts and recommendations would be good, please?  We have successfully reduced our electricity bill down to £44, just notified this morning.  But I have missed using the little mini oven that I bought from Lidl a few years ago - the thermostat failed and it just started burning everything, so I had to throw it out.


What should I get to replace it?  

I have two options, I think - a small halogen oven, or another mini oven.  I want something versatile enough to cope with the YFG's favourites of scampi, hash browns, and fish in batter with oven chips, and the occasional pizza, as well as baked potatoes and chicken portions too.  I don't make as many cakes as I used to, but if I could make cakes in it as well, so much the better.   

The small oven I had from Lidl (in the photo) was very reasonably priced, I think, at about £29.99 or so, but the problem with Lidl and Aldi is that I could be waiting months for them to stock the product again!  I could buy one from Argos anytime, but probably have to pay more.

I have never had a halogen oven before, but I have read that some people love them.  I have had a Remoska in the past, and still have it, but I don't find it terribly user-friendly and wouldn't want the YFG using it as it gets so hot to the touch.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, please.


Frugally challenged said...

I haven't for either but have you looked on Amazon? Mini ovens start at below £30 there but they may not be what you want. Just a thought.

saraband said...

When we moved house we inherited a cooker with a non-working grill. Rather than pay an engineer's call out charge + parts, we bought a halogen oven for less than £30. It's useful for cooking small amounts but I don't think could be regarded as a direct replacement for your Lidl mini oven.

Janipi said...

I have a halogen and it is a great size for pizzas chips and frozen bits. However on the box there was a picture of a chicken roasting. I personally wouldn't do that as I find the bottom of the halogen oven quite cool. I would love a mini oven but with the breadmaker, slowcooker and various kitchen paraphernalia I have no room to put it.They are quite cheap though.:)

SusanM said...

I have a mini oven which saves money. I thought I saw one in Aldi last week. I haven't had much success baking in it though. And I don't know anything about a halogen oven. I thought Elaine in Cupar had one of these. Maybe email her and ask?

Lyssa Medana said...

I have both a mini oven and a halogen oven. This is going to sound odd, but the mini oven is a more convenient shape for stuff but the halogen oven cooks quicker and more crispy. If I had to choose one I would choose the mini oven because if I cook a cake then it is easier to work, but if I cook something like fish fingers then the halogen is definitely better.

Having said that, you can manage with just the halogen, and it is cheaper and it is quicker - surprisingly so!

It's a finely balanced decision in my opinion. Good luck! WS xxx

Helen Graham said...

I have 2 halogen ovens and love them for grilling and roasting and they do lovely chips. I even make macaroni cheese in mine, all in one dish, but I've had to change my way of cooking and I'm still learning what I can and can't do in them. They aren't very good for making cakes (at least I've yet to make a successful one). They are coming down in price but I think a mini oven would probably be cheaper and might suit you better.

Jo said...

I love my mini oven. I bought it from Lidl about a year ago. I find that it is great for cooking a small amount as there are now only two of us and the gas bill is certainly reduced as I don't have to heat up the big gas oven now. I do find it restricting when I want to do something like two small trays that would fit on two shelves.

When I bought it, I canvassed friends who have a halogen oven as I could not decide which would be more useful. They all love their halogen but I listened what they had to say and decided that the mini oven might suit us better. I haven't room for both and I'm happy with my decision.

Aldi did have a mini oven in last week. Some Aldi stores in each area are nominated as remainder stores. The unsold "specials" are sent to these stores. Perhaps next time you are in Aldi, you could ask which is the nominated store in your area and if it not far away, I might be worth a trip to see if they still have a mini oven. Or maybe a phone call...?

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Hi Morgan,
I have a combination Microwave, which I use more than my big oven now there's just the 2 of us. It's very good for oven chips, pizza's etc & bakes well too. It's a Panasonic one

Morgan said...

Thank you all for your comments and thoughts - lots of inspiration there for me to do some more research and have a look around. I have kindly been offered a halogen oven too, so I might wait until that arrives before I do anything. If I see the small ovens in Aldi or Lidl, I am very tempted just to buy another one anyway, as they are also very useful....decisions!!!

Jackie said...

If you're concerned about the Remoska being too hot for the YFG, then go for the mini oven. The halogen oven is very hot and the lid, which has the heating element in, can be very unwieldy. It's the main reason I decided against getting one for my elderly Mother.