Saturday, 17 January 2015


We had a long lie-in this morning and if it wasn't for feeding the chooks, it would have been longer! 

The YFG slept well last night and so did I.  She watched some tv and then had another nap until I woke her up again for a bacon sandwich at 12.30pm, and a friend from school came to see her for a couple of hours then till 3pm.  This was the friend who had had her own appendix out just before Christmas so she was able to offer some sympathy and advice too.  

I've had a chat with the EFG today as well - her friends are back and they are having a film night tonight so that they can watch Dirty Dancing, and catch up on all their news - they've been apart for a month so they must have gossip to share!

We watched some more tv, and then the YFG had another longer sleep on the sofa until about 8.30pm when I finally woke her up again for her supper.  She's in bed now, hopefully for the night.

It's been a slow kind of day, pottering - I've been reading, knitting, watching tv with her, looking after her, etc - and I have done a little on my next Faith & Worship assignment whilst she was sleeping this evening.  I foresee a very similar kind of day tomorrow as I won't be going to church: she's not well enough to be left for a couple of hours yet.  

Thanks for all your kind comments.  


thrift deluxe said...

Glad she's home and recovering.

rabbitquilter said...

So pleased YFG is on the mend. Enjoy your slow days and take care! XX

Sue said...

I've only just caught up with your posts, gosh what a tough time you have had. I hope YFG continues to recover well after her op. Xx