Saturday, 3 January 2015

A free weekend

One of the last few days before the reality of the normal routine really kicks in again!

The YFG is off to Peterborough with her friend. They were planning to go last week during the holidays but the friend had to have her appendix out just days before Christmas and so she has needed time to recuperate.  They are letting the train take the strain today and will not have too much walking to do as the train station is just a short walk from the big shopping centre in Peterborough. The YFG has put some of her Christmas cash into savings already, and spent some, so she will be window shopping mostly today, I believe!

I'm considering a mooch to Cambridge with the EFG today. She seems to have a desperate urge to go somewhere, whereas I am content to hunker down and get stuff done at home.  I'm torn between stuff that needs to be done and wanting to keep her happy.  I have almost another two weeks with her at home before she goes back to Aberdeen on the 15th, and I will have limited time to do things specifically with her once every other routine commitment kicks in again, so if the weather bucks up this morning, we will be off later!

Tomorrow afternoon will be a gathering of aunt and uncles here for a cup of tea - UJ and his brother and brother's wife and daughter will be here with daughter's husband.  Follow that? Well done!  We haven't seen some of that gang for a while so it is a good chance to catch up and for them to see the EFG too.  The Boxing Day cousins of the FH will probably want to come over again before she goes back, and I know my dad will want to see her again too!  I think next weekend might be busy with visitors as well......and I have a service to take.....better get organised this week!

Yesterday I had a little extravagance and bought a new shredder. I know I said I was decluttering, and I am, but you can't get rid of mountains of confidential paperwork without a shredder!  We did have one and it stopped working ages ago, so the papers that need shredding have been building up...time to have a clear out of those. This shredder also niftily cross cuts the papers so that we end up with short choppy bits rather than long curls - much easier to deal with, I think, and I am pleased with the purchase - shredding will commence tomorrow, I think.

The decluttering slowed down a little on Thursday with only about 20 items identified, and yesterday there were only 2 - and one of them an accident!  I had a lovely Swinnerton's flowery serving dish which was pretty ancient and I loved it.  The EFG managed to knock it onto the kitchen floor and it broke into about 5 pieces, so that is one less item in the kitchen.  Eternally positive, the YFG immediately related it to the decluttering and said, "Well, that's one item for your list today!"  That wasn't quite how I was planning this operation......

Hoping you all have a great weekend - and thanks for your comments, and emails.  It is humbling to read how much some of you are inspired by my ramblings!  Thank you xxx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

It always seems a tragedy when a favourite thing gets broken but then it always seems possible to manage without.

Bridget said...

I had planned a very quiet weekend before our return to normality but as ever little jobs creep in. Ironing should really be done, I have about three bags of goodies for the charity shop to be delivered! Never mind, it will still be less hectic than trying to work and do it all! Hope you have a lovely weekend anyway x

veeknits19 said...

Have a good time catching up with your relations and enjoy your time with EFG. It's good to have some time away from everyday routines, isn't it? I've been sorting & decluttering, rehoming what I can & making more space here, which feels good. I'm with you on the need for a good shredder, and when you've cleared the back log shredding unwanted paper work is such a quick everyday little job. Have a lovely weekend, Vee xx

SusanM said...

I would love a shredder; I'm still clearing out and having to tear everything up by hand!! I seem to have filled bags and bags and taken things to the tip and the charity shop but there's still far too much stuff.

Cheapchick said...

A shredder is definitely mandatory in every household now - in this unfortunate age of identity theft. We love ours. I try not to do too much in one go though, burned out the motor on the last one that way. They seem to make them better these days. Have a nice day out if you go :)