Sunday, 18 January 2015

A day at home

Another day is heading towards its close, and we have had another day at home, with plenty of rest in the mix.  The YFG has been marathon-watching Merlin on Netflix, and I have been knitting, ironing and generally pottering around.  We have had a neighbour visit to see the YFG and the EFG has been on the phone, rather excitedly, tonight, saying that the snow is coming down in Aberdeen!

A quiet evening is on the cards, with Call the Midwife and Last Tango in Halifax to look forward to.  I shall be back to work tomorrow, and so we won't be late to bed tonight.  The YFG won't be going to school for a few days, but the teachers have sent her work home, so she can sit and do some of that as she feels able.

I have had to throw some food out of the fridge today and give the chooks a few extra treats, as we just weren't here to eat it last week!  I feel bad doing it, but at least the chooks ate it all and it didn't end up in the bin, so there's something positive to say.  Hopefully the more thrifty way of life can be brought back into focus this week!

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SusanM said...

I hate throwing food away too but sometimes, due to illness etc, it just can't be helped. Wishing YFG well again soon. Yes, it's extremely wintry up here in the north. We've had dreadful gales but they've now stopped. Last night we had snow, then sleet and it's frozen hard. Even the back lawn is like a skating rink. I think we are due to reach minus two or three at best during the day today. Hope EFG is managing to cope with the Scottish winters. It was quite sunny on Friday so I hung some washing on the line. It was like cardboard after half an hour. Thank goodness for the tumble drier in these conditions.