Friday, 30 January 2015

Good day

What a good day we had yesterday, despite a couple of snow flurries!

The YFG managed the day at school with the successful administration of the antibiotics by the Medical Room ladies.  She was glad to get back into the swing of it and had plenty of welcoming hugs from her friends.  

I managed 5 and a half hours on the phone yesterday! My eyes felt like they were on stalks by the end, though, despite me wearing my reading glasses diligently.  I spoke to some lovely people, including one lady who wanted to make her appointment to have her vehicle serviced but was in the bath so didn't have her diary to hand - thank goodness she wasn't on the loo!!  Doing the extra hours is a step towards regaining the time I had off unpaid whilst the YFG was in the hospital.

I nipped into the shop which is closing down and bought some bargains as I had hoped - half price posh shampoo which I wouldn't buy at full price but which at half price is good value, some odd items of food which were also around half the recommended price as well, and I managed to avoid the temptation of the sweets and boxes of chocolates too!  I was also pleased to find some wrapped soap which is ideal for the Operation Christmas Child boxes - my sister donated some six-packs of Knights Castile which I am going to be using for the rest of my life as I can't send it since the individual bars are not wrapped. I am buying wrapped soap and using up the donated stuff.......

We also had a good relaxing time in the evening, eating our supper and watching some tv together by the fire.  The fire is both a comfort and a joy - and I have ordered a load of wood to be delivered at the weekend: it will need to dry out for next winter, but it is a sound investment.  I am a big fan of the woodburner and will always recommend them to people.

We had a few flurries of snow in the Fens yesterday and some bitterly cold winds, but nothing compared to what some areas are experiencing - and certainly no earthquakes either!  Stay safe and warm, folks xxx


veeknits19 said...

Glad you & YFG had a good day. In our neck of the woods unwrapped soap is sometimes used as fillers for the shoeboxes, often wrapped in a flannel or wash mitt. Have you considered wrapping the soap in some pretty paper yourself? It seems a shame not to use it for the boxes, & to use it yourself if it's not your preference. Vee xx

Cheapchick said...

We have managed no snow at all this winter except in the mountains above us. So glad YFG is finally on the mend. Stay warm!