Sunday, 11 January 2015

Back to basics

I have to whisper that I am looking forward to next week, when life will get back to normal and I can resume my savings campaign!  The EFG will go back to Aberdeen on Thursday, and so my weekly costs here will go down again, and the round of visiting folk will also cease - we are hosting a "Cheerio" party for her here this afternoon, which has necessitated some extra purchases this week. Since her time at home has coincided with Christmas [as of course, it would] and lots of extra visitors and meals to provide, I have to admit that it has been slightly challenging on the purse strings!

My "new year" of frugality won't really begin until next weekend, and then it will be with some gusto!  I hope your January is panning out as you had hoped so far - I'd be interested to have some ideas of frugal plans - why are you frugal, for example, and what does it help you to achieve - for some of us, I know, it is about getting by, and for others it is a means of choosing how we spend our cash without waste, and for others, it can be tightly tied into the environment too.......

And after what I said yesterday about losing power - there was a power cut here in the morning for a couple of hours but luckily for us, we only heard about it from a neighbour because we were at gymnastics at the time!

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Jean Fleming-Kehler said...

Hi Morgan Being frugal for me has been a way of life - my whole life. two adults, six kids=extra money needed. I have always gardened then canned and frozen it for winter. I turn off lights, keep the heat as low as possible, watch the sewer consumption. I am on a joint well that is $75Canadian per year. The sewer is $150 per year. The hydro (lights) is expensive as I am in the country. My husband passed away unexpectedly four years ago at age 59. Yes I got his pension, and get a death benefit but as you know, it isn't the same as having his work pay come in till retirement. I am constantly having to learn/relearn. I am not a maths person . To me the number one is the same as 999999, so I have to be constantly looking after the pennies. I am not a huge consumer, but when I buy clothes it is new. Just a thing I have about that. I do though frequent CS here though you see the same junk sitting there from year to year. CSs here are not like elsewhere, people have a much different attitude and donate things that are so broken they should go to the dump. I enjoy your blog and you and the gals will get on just fine. Takes a while to settle into the "new normal".