Saturday, 10 January 2015


There is such a lot of wild and windy weather out there this week, and it is looking like there is more on the way.  

Makes me kind of glad that we have the woodburner and plenty of food in store - no problems here if we have a power cut, really - apart from the inability to connect with the web [oh, and there would be the small matter of not being able to work these days, too...] but as far as life is concerned, we have all we need to carry on for some time.

Waves breaking at Ardrossan
(image from,uk)

I feel for all those in Scotland who are without power, and those who will not have their power restored for some time - and there are also those who are bound to get it back and then lose it again when the next storm rushes in!  Not a good lookout at the moment in the Western Isles and Highlands.  We don't know whether Aberdeen has been affected much, but the EFG is keeping her fingers crossed that the weather has calmed down a tad before Thursday when she returns - she isn't looking forward to the Forth crossing on the rail bridge if there are still high winds!

And then there are the wild actions of some people in Paris this week.  Twenty people dead, this morning's news tells me, including the terrorist brothers and another man. They are still searching for a female in connection with all of this too.  Glennon Melton writes well on her website at Momastery about love and this is well worth a read.  I urge you to pop over there and have a look: this article was written about the 9/11 tragedy but it is just as relevant to Paris.  

Stay safe this weekend, wrap up warm and eat well!


Scarlet said...

Thankyou for posting the link. I reported a checkout operator this week for making racist comments. I sincerely hope that someone teaches her the art of pruning.

SusanM said...

We've had dreadful gales and horizontal blizzards. I was really worried about the roof last night as it was making awful clattering noises during the gales. Our power was on in the house but all the street lights were off and the power in the next town was down too. Due heavy snow tonight. Stay warm x