Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A glimpse

The EFG has gone to stay with her friend for a couple of nights: they were planning to go to the cinema today to see the new film about Stephen Hawking, and then tomorrow, I think some shopping was on the cards.  This has left the YFG and I feeling a little quiet again - it is a glimpse back into what life was like before the EFG came home!  She has been here for three weeks now, and we have got used to have her here again, but next Thursday, she will be northward bound again, and we will be getting used to the quiet again.

It isn't that she is a noisy person, but there is a different dynamic in the house when she is here - there is a certain amount of competition for my time and attention, and some one-up-man-ship between the two of them as well.  It makes life a challenge some days - but when I am not with them, they generally get on very well, and happily pootle off together on a walk or on the train somewhere.....that's life, it seems.  It has been wonderful to have her home and I shall be counting the weeks until she comes home again at Easter.  Once Easter is over, the end of the academic year in May is in sight and she is already keeping a lookout for a summer job - I just hope that it will be here and not in Aberdeen!

I have worked today, got a load of washing on the airers to dry, looked after the chooks, and had a wee gallivant out to meet my aunt and uncle for a cuppa and a chat in a Dunelm tea room half way between our homes.  It was a lovely treat and a good opportunity for a wee outing too.  They brought the girls a couple of presents from my cousin and some DVDs that she had borrowed, and I took them some magazines [decluttering, remember!] that I thought my aunt would enjoy browsing through, as well as some DVDs which I think my cousin's father-in-law may have lent to the FH.  If it wasn't him, I have no idea who they belong to, as I have already asked several others...

Spending?  Just a little on some veg in Tesco on the way home. It came to just over £4, but I had one of their price match coupons for £2.10 so I ended up only paying for half my shopping today which I was rather pleased about.  I have also got a voucher for £10 off when I spend £50 on a Sainsbury's online delivery, by next Wednesday, so I am considering having a delivery from them next week instead of having to go to the shop myself.

Tomorrow brings an ICT module exam for the YFG which carries a few marks towards her final grade, so she has been revising hard this week.  We are both going to stop at 9pm and watch Silent Witness tonight as we do enjoy that programme.  Thank goodness for the return of some decent things on the television - we are also looking forward to the return of Call the Midwife before too long!

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