Thursday, 29 January 2015

Moving forward

Fingers crossed that the YFG makes it to school today - she is hoping that she will feel up to it and cope with the day, but it is a day of ICT and Textiles, I believe, so nothing too strenuous to kick off her return.  I have to take her in this morning and sign some paperwork so that the Medical Room staff can administer her antibiotics during the day in order to keep to her regime of taking them.

And for me? I am hoping to get a little overtime done today at work so that I can catch up a couple of the hours I missed whilst she was in hospital.  My files have got a little behind so I am able to catch them up as well as catch up on the time I had to have off unpaid.

I have had quite a few no-spend days this week, but I had to give UJ £7.50 yesterday for some seed potatoes he bought for me, so that was just a little spend.  And today I may spend some too as there is a shop closing down not too far from us where I have heard that they are making crazy reductions to clear the stock - so I am going to see what bargains are to be had there.....on my own so that I focus on what we will actually use and not what might be a tasty treat!

Let's all hope that the YFG has a good day!  I have also seen that the weather is getting a little wild again - we had a fence panel come loose yesterday so we have some repair work to get organised soon: stay safe and warm wherever you are xx


Sue in Suffolk said...

I have just had a dreadful thought. Do you have a Scottish accent? If no that's OK. If yes, do you phone up people and ask their opinion of how their service went with a garage in Ipswich? If yes, then I was probably very abrupt. For which I apologise!

Morgan said...

LOL! I don't have a Scottish accent so that one wasn't me!! We get all sorts and have to just carry on so don't worry about it! I don't make the after-service calls, but I do the ones to remind people that their services and MOTs are due. Some people, like the woman last week who had forgotten all about her MOT, are very appreciative and others less so. I'm getting used to it now.