Monday, 20 October 2008

Sunday surprise

Church was different yesterday morning as it had be held in the back room of the village hall since the floor of the church is having to be replaced, at major expense, due to some serious damp problems. It says in the Bible that whenever a few people meet in God's name, He is there, so it really doesn't matter where we meet. It will be good to get back to the familiar surroundings of the church when the work is done, though.

After church, we came home for a quick cup of tea and then I took the girls to town. We dropped the YFG off at the leisure centre for the pool party she had been invited to and then we hit the shops for some bargain hunting. I don't generally approve of shopping on Sundays, but when we have to go to town anyway and there is not a lot else to do in a quiet rural market town at lunchtime on a Sunday, it seemed the best thing to do! It was not going to be cost effective to come home and then return to fetch her. We picked up a few things from Lidl, which is a shop I don't often get time to hit, and then went to Tesco as it was the last day of trading for that particular store (a HUGE new one is opening next-door today) so I was hoping for some bargains/reduced items - and I got some! We then headed off to Sainsbury's as well to round off the shopping trip - and I found some lovely Christmas presents in there: a present for the FH and some stocking fillers for the girls.

The party seems to have gone well, and everyone came out of the party room in high spirits, although the mother of the party child looked rather stressed! We came home to find that we had unexpected visitors - my cousin and her husband. We don't see them very often, but it was a lovely surprise! They had arrived about an hour earlier, chatting with the FH, and stayed after we got home for some time, catching up on one another's news. My uncle (my cousin's father's brother) arrived for the evening, and so they also had a quick opportunity to exchange their news albeit briefly. My mother was the brothers' sister.

My uncle settled in the for evening, and I popped the chicken into the oven. The FH had already prepared the veggies for me during the afternoon, and I had picked up a cherry pie in my shopping as I know that it is his favourite so my work was minimal for the meal. A quick session with the ironing board and the uniforms for the girls, and my work was done. After my uncle left, the girls were in bed for an early night and the FH and I sat down to watch "A Touch of Frost" as it is a new series and we do like Jack Frost! The FH spent some time in the police as a Special constable, and he finds Jack the most realistic copper on the TV these days.

I am resting in bed this morning as I have been unwell during the night, so the FH has gone out to do a book delivery on my behalf, and I am hoping to be recovered enough to get back to work tomorrow. There is nothing major spoiling anywhere, and I need a rest! Thank goodness for the EFG's laptop so I can stay in touch with the world.

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