Monday, 13 October 2008

Photos from the show

This is a lovely bunch of chrysanthemums which I got from the local horticultural society's stall as they were packing up. They were selling off their displays of fruits, vegetables and flowers. As well as these, I also brought home cabbages, a cauliflower, broccoli, russet apples (my favourite!) and some cyclamen which are further down this post.

The FGs are on the horses on the left - one in jeans and one in black - going away from me to protect their privacy. They love this carousel and always want to ride it.

This photo (above) shows the huge new building. Almost in the middle of the shot you can see a shorter white pole and just to the right of it is a set of blue doors. We were just inside those doors and benefitted from a good flow of potential customers streaming in that way.

These are the cyclamen - now on the kitchen window sill to brighten my washing-up chores. They are beautiful!

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