Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Growing well

There are still some things growing in the Fen garden in October - we are still harvesting runner beans and will be enjoying these tonight (although the FH says I should have left some of these on the plants to become seeds for next year).

Here are some lettuces which are growing away in the greenhouse - the temperature in there today in the sun was over 100C, so we have put it in the right place to capture the warmth.

These tomatoes were taken off the vines last weekend and are ripening in the greenhouse. The taste is magnified when you eat a home-grown tomato - a supermarket tomato pales in comparison!

And here we have some cress, again enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse!

And finally, the quail basking in the sun. We have put a blanket over the top of the cage and they have stopped trying to jump up - they were hitting their heads, and it looked painful. They will be better when they are in a proper aviary, but as a temporary home, they seem content to sit in the warmth and relax. The front of the cage is wired, so they are still getting plenty of light and air, and they are not directly in the sun.

Having spoken yesterday to another quail-keeper, the FH has found out that these quail may indeed all be female although their markings differ as it may just be that they are different kinds of quail. We are still waiting for that first egg to be laid, but since we don't know exactly how old they are, we will have to be patient; quail are apparently able to lay eggs from 50 days of age, so they should be approaching that soon, we hope.

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