Thursday, 16 October 2008

Laughs over a disaster

A quick story to chuckle over: the FH always cooks on Tuesdays as I and the YFG don't get home from gym until about 8.30pm. This week, I asked him to make an apple crumble for pudding, but was disappointed to get home to find that he hadn't. He had made the crumble topping with the flour, sugar and Vitalite, but had stopped at that stage in the proceedings because he couldn't find the oats and thought he couldn't make crumble topping without them. He had then put the mixture in the fridge and left it there. I went to it last night, added the oats, popped it onto the defrosted apple puree and it went into the oven to cook for 25 minutes. After we had eaten our main course last night, I went to the kitchen and jokingly said, "I hope you didn't put salt in this!" as he had accidentally put salt on his Shredded Wheat yesterday morning, so I took a small mouthful - and had to go and spit it out in the bin - he HAD used salt instead of sugar and that was one ruined crumble!!

Moral for me is to make sure that I put salt and sugar in different containers - I had had them in identical IKEA glass jars with lids, but kept in completely different places. The salt was kept with the breadmaking flour and yeast, as that is its point of use in the kitchen - and probably the only use it has on a day to day basis, although I do use it for scouring the drains now and then! The sugar was kept with the other flours, and the vanilla essence and general baking bits and pieces; to me they were obvious which was which, but not to the FH!

I have left the salt in the IKEA jar but the sugar has been moved to a blue canister which already had SUGAR on the side of it! Now it really is used for sugar, and we have had a successful crumble tonight - I just couldn't wait another night - I had been looking forward to crumble since Tuesday!!

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