Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Re-organising the house for the winter

In the UK, we will be altering the clocks on Saturday and the darkness will come upon the days more quickly - it will feel more and more like winter. It feels like we have had a short autumn as the beautifully crisp, clear and sunny days that I think of as typically autumnal have been few this year. There have been a few, and I have relished them all. But the cosy days of winter are almost here, and today I have stayed home and moved things around!

I am still not feeling well, so I have not been out at all - the FH has been to a school today for me to collect some paperwork, and took his friend with him for a ride. He has also taken the YFG to school and collected her again. We have not been to gymnastics tonight as there was just no way that I had the energy for setting out the equipment, supporting gymnasts physically and then putting all the apparatus away again. I guess I have been hibernating a little, and feel that I will probably continue through this week and maybe into next week.

So, today I supervised the moving of the dining table into the living room and got that all sorted out and the room looking cosy and warm for the winter. I wanted us to have one room that we could eat in, watch tv, read, chat and play in and not have to heat the whole house! We have throws on the sofa - about 6 or 7 of them now, so there are plenty to snuggle under, and thermally lined curtains which we are now drawing as soon as it begins to get dark.

The price of home heating oil is falling here - I could have got 500l for £220 today but I didn't actually place the order as we still have some and I think that the price will drop a little more before too long. Checking prices is one of my daily chores at the moment - I am waiting to find the best time but I must be careful not to leave it so long that the price starts to rise again, so I will never get the absolute lowest price as I will always chicken out and order some as soon as I think it is low enough. Considering that earlier in the year, I paid over £300 for 500l, today's price was very good. I know that I won't leave it much longer!

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